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Professional teeth cleaning: unknown facts

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Professional oral hygiene is recommended once every six months. Patients often wonder: Is it necessary to visit the dentist for this procedure twice a year if they brush their teeth thoroughly at home in the morning and in the evening?

Unfortunately, the toothbrush is not able to remove all the accumulations of bacteria and food debris in the mouth, because they accumulate not only on the visible surfaces of the teeth, but also in the interdental spaces, which are quite inaccessible to the toothbrush. It is believed that when brushing your teeth at home, about 40% of dental plaque remains in the mouth. Over time, these accumulations of bacteria contribute to the formation of soft plaque, which then hardens, which contributes to the further development of caries, gum disease and even tooth loss in advanced cases.

Therefore, to prevent dental disease, you should regularly visit a dentist for preventive examinations and the procedure of professional cleaning.

Patients also ask: "What are the stages of professional oral hygiene?" and "How long does this procedure take?"

We answer:

In our clinic, professional oral hygiene includes the following 6 stages:

  1. Removal of hard dental plaque with ultrasound;
  2. Removal of soft plaque using air-abrasive system Air-flow;
  3. Polishing teeth with toothpaste;
  4. Cleaning of interdental spaces (flossing);
  5. Fluoridation of teeth (coating of tooth surfaces with fluoride varnish);
  6. Training in individual oral hygiene - the doctor together with the patient selects all the necessary tools and hygiene items according to the indications, as well as improves the skills of their use.

Professional cleaning lasts an average of 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the situation in the mouth. If there is a large amount of dental plaque in the oral cavity and gum disease is present - the time of the procedure increases or it can even be divided into two consecutive visits.

The next question that interests many: "How does ultrasound remove ?"

The use of ultrasound for professional cleaning involves the use of special scalers that transmit ultrasonic vibrations and vibration waves. During the procedure, water is fed from the tip of the tool, which prevents overheating of the nozzle and allows you to work without damaging the tooth surface. As a result of this action of ultrasound, the attachment of hard plaque to the tooth surface is destroyed and, as a result, the teeth are cleaned.

The next frequent question of patients is: "Do not harm the powders that dentists use for professional hygiene, tooth enamel?".

Our answer is no, if you choose modern non-aggressive powders. Today, the air-flow abrasive system using the PROPHYflex tip is used to clean soft plaque. The best results are observed when choosing the following powders: based on calcium bicarbonate, glycine, erythritol, which very carefully clean the tooth surface.

It is also worth answering the question: "Should I throw away an old toothbrush after professional cleaning?"

Yes, after professional oral hygiene, it is really necessary to buy a new toothbrush, because the old ones have bacteria left, and the bristles have lost their proper shape and function.

So, professional cleaning is a really important and necessary procedure, thanks to which you will receive a beautiful and healthy smile as a reward.

Do not ignore preventive examinations and professional hygiene every 6 months, and in the presence of braces or implants - once every 3 months.

With care for you, ViLiDA!

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