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Heroiv Stalingrada avenue, 6, building 2
tel: (044) 485-06-00;
mobile tel: (050) 495-06-00, (067) 465-06-00

Petropavlivska Borshchagivka,
Shkilna street, 22B, office 2
mobile tel: (073) 051-96-26, (066) 475-10-40


Service Delivery Procedure

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We are glad to welcome you in our clinics Vilida and want to acquaint you with the rules of providing dental services in our centers.

An appointment for a visit to a specialist

  1. You can register for a consultation and a primary examination to the dentist by phone or at the reception desk, personally, as well as through our pages in social networks;
  2. We will be grateful if you inform us in advance in case you cannot come at the agreed time. You can notify the clinic administrator in any convenient way;
  3. If you are late for more than 15 minutes, we have to cancel or shift your appointment as the doctor will not have time to make the necessary manipulations in the time allocated for you;
  4. If the doctor cannot come to work or if there are other circumstances, the patient is warned about this by the administrator by the telephone number indicated by the patient.


  • You come for an appointment 10-15 minutes earlier, in time to get acquainted with the necessary documents, fill in the necessary data about the state of your health;
  • Then you are invited to the office for an examination;
  • After the initial examination, a diagnosis is made, the dentist discusses the treatment program and the cost of the services in a conversation with you;
  • The doctor explains to you how the rehabilitation period will pass, what complications can be expected and how to get rid of them;
  • The description of the survey is recorded into your personal card, where you mark your consent to treatment or refusal;
  • We refuse to accept you if you are in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, or in the state in which an adequate treatment is not possible;
  • Urgent, unscheduled visit will be conducted by an available doctor;
  • Procedures for patients under the age of 21 are conducted in the presence of adults - parents, other authorized persons;
  • All results of the surveys are kept secret, and the documents are in the registry department of the clinic;
  • The specialist has the right to refuse to provide services in case if you systematically violate the working regime of the dental center.

Procedure of paying for services

  • A leading dentist consults a patient, introduces you to the price list of services, explains what treatment options are possible;
  • The total cost of the clinic services is indicated in the bill;
  • You pay the cost of the services listed in the bill after each regular visit to a specialist;
  • The payment for the orthopedic treatment is carried out in parts: the first part of the amount is paid after the impression of the elements of the dentition, the second one is paid after the prosthesis;
  • the cost of services in the price list may change due to the change in the dollar and euro exchange rate and, consequently, the increase of prices for dental materials and dental laboratory services.


  • All dental services, which are expressed in the physical aspect, are provided with warranty;
  • The warranty contains conditions that stipulate compliance with all requirements, including preventive examinations;
  • If you have such a problem as periapical pathology, the warranty in this case is not provided - with your consent to no warranty treatment the dentist develops the program;
  • If complications occur during the warranty period, you will receive free services, except for new procedures.
Стоматологические клиники
Клиника на Оболони:
г. Киев, просп. Героев Сталинграда, 6, корпус 2
тел: (044) 485-06-00;
моб: (050) 495-06-00, (067) 465-06-00
Клиника на Борщаговке:
с. Петропавловская Борщаговка,
ул. Школьная, 22Б, офис 2
моб: (073) 051-96-26, (066) 475-10-40

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