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Heroiv Stalingrada avenue, 6, building 2
tel: (044) 485-06-00;
mobile tel: (050) 495-06-00, (067) 465-06-00

Petropavlivska Borshchagivka,
Shkilna street, 22B, office 2
mobile tel: (073) 051-96-26, (066) 475-10-40


Our equipment

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We are justifiably proud of the fact that dentists of the highest category with great positive experience work in our clinic, but no less pride we also experience for the fact that our specialists have the opportunity to work with the newest equipment from world-known manufacturers.

X-ray apparatus Veraviewepocs 3D

A high-tech device was created by the developers of Morita (Japan), a well-known world leader of modern dental equipment. Veraviewepocs 3D is characterized by high resolution capabilities, low level of radiation load, ease of work with images, fast processing of images, high image quality.

Dental units Anthos

The Anthos company (Italy) is famous for manufacturing advanced equipment for dental clinics.

Dental unit Planmeca Intra (Finland) is a very effective device for conducting intraoral radiography.

Apparatus Vector, actively used by specialists of the best European clinics, is used for cleaning periodontal pockets and polishing tooth roots. With its help our dentists easily remove small and large periodontal pockets.

The Cavo Prophy-Mate tip (Germany) is used to remove deposits on the teeth of a soft consistency and to polish the surface of the teeth.

All the tips and burs used by the dentists at the Vilida Clinic are of German and Swiss production (Cavo tips, NTI burs), which excludes the possibility of tool breakage during the operation and minimizes possible complications when working with less quality instruments.

Стоматологические клиники
Клиника на Оболони:
г. Киев, просп. Героев Сталинграда, 6, корпус 2
тел: (044) 485-06-00;
моб: (050) 495-06-00, (067) 465-06-00
Клиника на Борщаговке:
с. Петропавловская Борщаговка,
ул. Школьная, 22Б, офис 2
моб: (073) 051-96-26, (066) 475-10-40

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