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Care of bracket systems

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Installation of a bracket system is an absolutely painless procedure, but getting used to the sensations in the mouth can take from 2 days to 3 weeks. You can feel aching pain, itching and there is a possibility of irritation of the oral mucosa.


Plaque on the teeth can provoke the emergence of caries, so it is necessary to pay more attention to oral hygiene than usual. Your dentist will instruct you how to take care of your mouth, but we will also remind you:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, first with a special toothbrush, then with an interdental brush, the spaces between teeth – with a tooth thread
  • The technique of brushing is different from the usual method. The dentist will instruct you how to properly do it.
  • We recommend using mouth rinse.
  • For an additional hygiene of the oral cavity, the irrigator is also used. This is a special device that cleans hard-to-reach places under high water pressure.
  • It is important to undergo professional dental cleaning every 3 months.
  • The home hygiene procedure should be longer than usual, 5 to 10 minutes each time. However, it is not the time, that maater, but the quality of hygiene. Therefore, if you are not sure or are not happy with the result, contact your orthodontist once again.

These tips will help protect your teeth and gums during orthodontic treatment.

Food and drink:

When treating with bracket systems:

  • solid food (it is advisable not to eat nuts, seeds, sweets, solid vegetables and fruits, crackers at all, or in very chopped form)
  • "Sticky" candies such as toffee, chips, cheese, avoid anything that can stick
  • Do not eat food that can dye your teeth: berries, beetroot, red wine, coffee, sweet colored drinks. This food can color the elastic elements of the bracket system. It's okay, but they will not look very nice.

Do not eat too hot or cold food. They can affect the construction itself.

To inforce the result, some additional procedures will be required after removal of the bracket system:

  • professional cleaning of teeth - it is necessary to remove the remnants of glue and polish teeth
  • remineralization of teeth to strengthen the enamel
  • teeth whitening for the final result
  • retention for keeping teeth in a new position. Terms are determined by your doctor individually. Retention devices can be either removable or not removable, but they do not disturb at all and are not visible to others.

And the most important thing:

Be sure to consult a doctor if the bracket is unstuck, cannot be put on, or a removable device breaks down or if you feel that something has gone wrong. It is better to check everything once again than to correct later.

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