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Teeth alignment

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We all dream about a beautiful and healthy smile, but we do not always have it. What to do when
it is a long way to the ideal?

The curvature of the dentition and abnormal occlusion are not only an aesthetic problem. Many
people are quite satisfied with small imperfections of their smiles, but it often happens that such,
at first glance, insignificant features affect the state of the entire dentition. The dental system
functions improperly and, as a result, we already have functional problems, such as, tooth
abrasion, an improper and uneven distribution of occlusal loading, diseases of the teeth,
inflammatory processes in the gums, problems in the temporomandibular joints. And there
comes a moment when correcting is not only difficult, but also quite time- and money-
consuming. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to correct and eliminate all problems without
correcting the etiological factor including unevenness of the dentition and abnormal occlusion.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of occlusion disturbance such as allergies, diseases of
the upper respiratory tract, injuries, genetic predisposition, bad habits and other factors.
What to do to still have a healthy smile with an anatomic bite?
During the period of milk bite, it is necessary to timely eliminate bad habits, such as prolonged
bottle feeding and prolonged breastfeeding, to timely switch to solid food, to eliminate the habit
of a thumb sucking, to have ENT diseases timely treated, and to regularly visit a dentist.

The best time for occlusion correction is the age when the change of milk teeth to permanent
ones begins, on average at 6 years. At this age, the organism is still growing and any corrections
will pass faster and more efficiently than in adulthood. Some problems of occlusion can be
corrected only in childhood, therefore it is very important not to miss the right moment and begin
orthodontic treatment.
In adulthood, treatment for correcting dentition is also applied. However, due to the age, it takes
more time than in childhood. But don't let that frighten you, because modern technologies make
the treatment comfortable and as effective as possible.

In any case, the result of orthodontic treatment is aimed at changing the patient’s life and
eliminating problems associated with abnormal occlusion or uneven dentition. There may be
several methods of such treatment. Conventionally, they can be divided into two types: treatment
with fixed structures such as various bracket systems and treatment with removable structures
such as caps, trainers, and plates.

What method is indicated in your case, your orthodontist can decide with you, necessarily taking
into account your clinical picture, individual characteristics, lifestyle and the desired result. It is
obligatory to undergo a complete examination of the dental system before starting the treatment.
These can be images, examination, photographic recordings, or special orthodontic diagnostic
Before the orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to cure all the problems of the teeth and gums,
to eliminate inflammatory processes, caries, and to undergo a professional hygiene. A complete
sanitation of an oral cavity is necessary.
During the orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations of an
orthodontist, visit the doctor to correct and control the course of the treatment, pay special
attention to the oral hygiene.

After the alignment of the teeth, preventive procedures are also needed, which will restore the
strength of the tooth enamel and help to fix the result.
In its arsenal our dentistry has all the orthodontic treatment systems available in the market and
orthodontists who will choose the best treatment for you. You will be satisfied! Our mission is to
preserve, restore or make you a healthy and attractive smile.

We are waiting for you!

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