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Tooth restoration

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Tooth restoration is the complete restoration of a tooth because of its destruction or trauma. It is
used in recovering a chewing function of the teeth and the aesthetic component. The aesthetic
restoration of teeth is also called cosmetic.

For different types of teeth damages different types of the restoration can be applied. For
example, with minor injuries, the dentist usually uses light-cured material called photopolymer.
If the damage is significant, the dentist restores the tooth by using ceramics. The purpose of the
restoration is the complete restoration of the tooth, its shape, function, and of course, so that the
result cannot be seen either by the patient or by others.

Also, depending on the type of a tooth, there are different ways to restore it. With the front teeth
it is more common to use a build-up, if it is necessary to close a chipping or a small piece has
broken off from the tooth because of the trauma, for example, or when you need to remove the
gap between the teeth or to restore a shade of the tooth. It is also possible to use a method of
installing ultra-thin plates which completely cover the tooth and can even change its shape and
color. Such plates are called veneers. A Hollywood smile is made with their help.
If we are talking about the restoration of molars or premolars, in such cases either fillings or tabs
are used more often, or crowns, if the destruction is too extensive.


The method when the dentist restores the tooth directly in the mouth is called a direct method of
the restoration. It is also convenient because everything can be done during one visit.
If tabs, veneers, or crowns are used, this is an indirect method of the restoration. It is more
aesthetic from a visual point of view, more expensive, but also more durable. However, one visit
is not enough in such case, because before installing a selected design, it is necessary to prepare
the tooth and produce this design in the laboratory. Prior to this, it is necessary to diagnose, to
take teeth imprints, sometimes there is a need for creating a diagnostic model and prognosing
future results. But you will definitely like what you will get as a result of the restoration.
Another difference of the conventional tooth restoration from the cosmetic one is that materials
used in the conventional restoration can change their color in the course of time. Completely
invisible in the oral cavity at first, this type of the restoration will be noticeable to others with the
time. With the cosmetic restoration there is no such a problem, and materials used in this case are
fixed more tightly to the tooth surface, which significantly lengthens the time for the
“functioning” of the restoration.
The cost of the dental restoration also depends on the method. The usual restoration is less
expensive, the cosmetic one depends on the choice of material.
Is it possible to restore a completely destroyed tooth with the help of the restoration?
It depends on the condition of the part of the tooth that remains and on its size. If the roots of the
tooth are treated or completely healthy, but the crown part is missing, then the tooth is restored

with prosthetics. A crown is installed on a special pin and thus the full function of the tooth is
restored with saving its root.
If even the root cannot be saved, two methods of its restoration are usually used. The first one is
an implantation of the teeth, when all parts of the tooth are removed, an implant (an artificial
tooth root) is implanted and a crown is placed on the implant.
The second method is the use of a dental bridge design. A bridge is attached to the adjacent
teeth, thus covering the missing tooth. Visually it looks aesthetical and beautiful. The
disadvantage of this method is that the adjacent teeth are processed before the bridge installation,
and irreversible processes associated with the “emptiness” can occur in the place of the missing
tooth, for example, gum and bone deformity. If the hygiene is poor, inflammatory processes can
begin with the time and, perhaps, the most unpleasant thing is that neighboring teeth get enough
place to move and over time they can loosen and even fall out. Then you will have to put on the
bridge design again on the next adjacent teeth and thus “restore” already 3 teeth.
Whatever method you choose with your dentist, remember not only about the external aesthetic
look, but also about the future. After all, we want not only a beautiful smile, but also a long-
lasting one without any harm to our health!

In the clinics of Vilida we use almost all known methods of the teeth restoration, and our patients
leave satisfied with the result and return only for preventive measures.

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