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Tooth fluoridation

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Tooth fluoridation is a very common procedure used in pediatric dentistry to prevent the
occurrence of caries.
Most often children have weak teeth and the enamel is predisposed to caries, that is why such
preventive measures have a significant effect on the spread of caries.

Fluoridation is a procedure aimed at strengthening tooth enamel. It can be carried out both for
children and adults. Earlier, very often in childhood, the methods of silvering the teeth were
used. This is also one of the methods of preventing the development of caries. But its
disadvantage is that the tooth turns black and at some stages of caries silvering is not effective.
In modern dentistry, silvering is almost never used, giving way to a more efficient method called

Fluoridation of teeth is a fairly easy and comfortable procedure even for a child. It lies in the fact
that the teeth are covered with a special fluoride solution. For efficiency and fixing of the result,
it is necessary to go through the procedure several times. As a result, the tooth enamel gets
saturated with fluoride and the teeth become stronger and much less susceptible to caries.

For adults, the fluoridation procedure is also applied, if due to the treatment or lifestyle or some
individual characteristics the teeth do not have enough fluoride and they begin to rot. The
procedure also results in the reduction of the teeth sensitivity.

Fluoride is a very useful element for teeth. It strengthens tooth enamel, increases its
susceptibility to bacteria, which consequently reproduce much slower. Fluoride also prevents
calcium from washing out of the teeth. Teeth become stronger and more durable.
Despite the fact that the procedure of fluoridation and fluoride are useful for the organism, there
are some contraindications. The fluoride overdose in the organism entails serious diseases that
lead to tooth decay as well. Therefore, it is important to always consult a dentist before the

Fluoridation of the teeth is prescribed not only as a preventive method, but also in cases when
the teeth are predisposed to caries, or recently suffered from gum disease, the treatment with
braces, or in cases with tooth sensitivity, an increased amount of dental plaque on the teeth, and
also during a pregnancy to protect future mother's teeth.
Before the procedure of fluoridation, it is necessary to consult a dentist and to undergo a
professional tooth cleaning and a complete sanitation of the oral cavity, that is the teeth must be
healthy, otherwise the procedure is not reasonable.

Fluoridation of teeth can be carried out at home, for example, using a fluoride-containing paste.
Also in pharmacies there is a lot of fluoride-containing medicine aimed at strengthening a tooth
enamel. We remind that even at home fluoridation should be carried out after the consultation
with the dentist and under the doctor’s control. An uncontrolled self-treatment can lead to very
negative consequences.

But you have nothing to worry about when you are in the safe hands of our specialists. Visit the
Vilida clinics and get a comprehensive consultation regarding fluoridation of the teeth.

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