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Vector Therapy in Dentistry

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Vector therapy is the treatment of periodontal diseases with a special apparatus. This vector
apparatus affects directly the cause of the inflammation, namely bacteria. It is very important to
start timely treatment of gums, because the gum is the basis of the tooth health, and if the basis
suffers, the tooth will not feel good.

Advanced stages of gum disease lead to the loss of
completely healthy teeth and impede the treatment (restoration) of teeth with the help of

The principle of the vector effect is very simple. With ultrasound it washes bacteria out of their
habitat, thereby eliminating the cause of the disease. The procedure is so painless and
comfortable for patients that it is done without anesthesia.
Only 1-2 visits of using the vector are enough to get the desired result and healthy gums.
Vector therapy is indicated for such diseases as gingivitis, periodontitis, or periodontal disease.
The vector helps remove accretion, dental plaque, tartar, endotoxins, bacteria that cause the
inflammation of the gums.

When do I need to see a periodontist?
If you already had gum disease in the past, you should undergo a preventive examination every
six months.
When bleeding of the gums and discomfort appear, these are the first signs of inflammatory
processes in the gums and it is necessary to identify the causes and eliminate them.
When your teeth become mobile, this happens when the gum tissue weakens and they are no
longer able to hold the teeth firmly. As a rule, the cause is the inflammation of the gums.
Reasons to have vector treatment at the Vilida clinic:

  •  a modern vector apparatus from the known manufacturer is a guarantee of quality of the
  • a professional periodontist who constantly uses vector therapy in practice
  • good value for money of the procedure, we have one of the most inexpensive services
    and use a high-quality apparatus
  • a guarantee of the successful treatment
  • high quality services

Make an appointment with the doctor now! Healthy gums are the basis of healthy teeth!

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