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Oral hygiene in children

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Very often in our practice we hear two questions from parents: when to show the child to the dentist for the first time and when to start brushing teeth and how to do it.

For the first time it is necessary to show the child to the dentist when the first milk teeth begin to appear. The dentist will see if everything is ok, whether the dentition is correctly formed.

Also, at this time the dentist will tell parents and teach them the basic principles of care of children's teeth. Parents should pay particular attention in case when the eruption of the first teeth is delayed. Most often, if in 1 year the child does not have teeth yet, this is a reason to show it to the doctor. The doctor will check if there are rudiments of teeth, maybe they just delay.

During the time when the first tooth erupts, parents should begin to care about oral and dental hygiene. When teeth appear, it is necessary to pay attention to the child not to fall asleep with a bottle of sweet drinks (infant formula, juice, compote with sugar). This can lead to early bottle caries. Instead of these drinks, give the child ordinary water. If you are breastfeeding, do not allow the child to fall asleep on the chest. After each feeding, wipe the mouth with a soft, damp napkin or cloth. This will help keep baby's teeth healthy.

Breastfeeding is the most valuable nutrition for the baby. In order to save the child’s and mother’s teeth healthy and strong, the mother should eat products rich in calcium: dairy products, in particular, hard cheeses, sesame, almonds, sardines in oil, parsley, soy, and milk.

Getting vitamin D is essential for the child. It helps the body absorb calcium. In our area vitamin D must be taken by children from the birth to the age of 18 years old almost all the time, except summer, when there is enough sun.

When a child begins to try adult food, brushing teeth like adults is quite difficult, that’s why parents can use a special finger-brush. You can gently brush the teeth of the child without toothpaste.

Enemies of teeth at this age are bottle caries, plaque, which remains on the teeth after eating carbohydrates (for example, cookies).

Many parents believe that children should start brushing their teeth when they can do it themselves. This is an erroneous judgement. Caries will not wait for the child to learn how to brush the teeth, caries will appear where there is plaque. Brush your baby’s teeth yourselves. If you do not know how, contact our doctors, they will teach you.

Another friend of early caries of milk teeth is sweets. Try not to give sweets to children for as long as possible. Believe us, they will try candies without your help, but the later they try them, the healthier the teeth will be.

Parents have one more outdated judgement that milk teeth do not need to be treated, and it’s okay if they spoil a little, because such a tooth can be removed and a new healthy permanent one will appear. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Firstly, caries can be transmitted to the bud of a permanent tooth. Secondly, milk teeth have nerve endings and can ache. Thirdly, it is not necessary to remove milk teeth prematurely and they require treatment. Absent teeth affect the formation of a permanent row of teeth.

Teach your child from early childhood to monitor their teeth and their hygiene, and every six months come for a routine examination. Remember that in the milk teeth caries develops much faster than in permanent ones, so carefully watch and examine the child's teeth yourselves.

We are waiting for you and your child in our clinics for a visit to children dentists. We will teach you how to look after your teeth and tell you about preventive means so that the teeth of your children can be healthy as long as possible!

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