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Problems caused by abnormal occlusion

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Occlusion is how our teeth and jaws occlude. And it is not always uneven teeth, the teeth may be even, but the jaws may have lapse from the norm. The abnormal occlusion affects not only the dentition, as due the incorrect functioning of the jaws and their occlusion teeth can have problems, but also there can be some problems which are very difficult to connect with teeth. For example, the abnormal occlusion can cause asymmetry of the face, headaches, breathing difficulties, and sleep problems.

 The abnormal occlusion can be of different types: distal, mesial, deep, open, and cross.

Causes of the abnormal occlusion:

• a method of feeding a child. The most natural one is breastfeeding which stimulates a correct location of jaws and development of the correct occlusion in the future.

• children's bad habits such as prolonged use of pacifiers or fingers. If you use them, then choose the pacifiers recommended by orthodontists and use them as little as possible.

• jaw injuries and premature loss of milk teeth

• genetic predisposition

• a posture during sleep and feeding

• frequent diseases of ENT organs

What consequences can an untreated abnormal occlusion have?

1. Frequent headaches, joint clicking, joint inflammation, incomplete mouth closure – an open mouth

2. Improper distribution of the teeth load which results in various teeth problems — tooth abrasion, chipping, displacement, inclination, tooth decay, etc.

3. With the abnormal occlusion facial aesthetics suffers, one has irregular proportions, too thin lips or sunken cheeks, early wrinkles, lowered corners of the lips, i.e. a person gets earlier aging.

4. If teeth are affected, the chewing function is disturbed, which results in problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Incorrect functioning of the jaw joints can lead to the displacement of the cervical vertebrae, and the patient gets clamps in the cervical region, headaches, blood supply disturbance of the brain, etc.

So, the correct occlusion is not only even teeth and a beautiful smile, but also a healthy body. If you have the abovementioned symptoms, then it is worth visiting an orthodontist who will diagnose and eliminate the influence of the incorrect occlusion on your body or conduct an effective treatment to correct the disorders.

And the options for the treatment of the abnormal occlusion are the following:

at the age of 4-9 years together with other methods special gymnastics for maxillofacial muscles can be effective. Also at this age it is possible to use special plates and trainers. They are made individually, taking into account the specific clinical picture of the patient.

After changing milk teeth to permanent ones, treatment with braces is possible. At this age, the teeth are quite mobile and the treatment is easier and faster than in adulthood. Although, if you missed this age it is not a problem. Treatment with braces can be done much later, in such case an orthodontist takes age peculiarities into account.

The most radical and “last chance” to correct very complex transformations of the occlusion is a surgical method. It is usually used when all other methods have been ineffective.

And finally, we want to note that the most important thing for parents is to monitor the child’s development and show it to the orthodontist in time, use pacifiers correctly, and eliminate bad habits. We recommend adult patients not to be afraid of solving teeth problems even in older age. Everyone deserves a good quality of life and a beautiful smile. Visit us to have this!

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