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Treatment of foreign patients in the clinics of Vilida

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We are pleased to welcome patients from around the world in our clinics. The European quality of materials, treatment and service, as well as significantly lower costs, even with the cost of travel and accommodation taken into account, provide a constant flow of patients.

Why it is beneficial for you to have your teeth treated in our clinics:

1. Low cost, high quality of treatment for a number of foreign countries. Our experts are justly ranked among the best in the world. We use equipment of the world manufacturers, certified and high-quality materials from the suppliers we trust. Our doctors undergo internship and trainings of the world's best experts.

2. Guaranteed treatment safety. We guarantee complete sterility and cleanness in our clinics, constant compliance with the sanitary and hygienic standards. We also provide a guarantee for a range of dental services.

3. We use European protocols in treatment and offer our patients the best solution to their dental problems.

4. We care about you, because in addition to dental treatment you will have your own manager who will attend you before, during and after the treatment. Our staff speaks foreign languages ​​and you will not feel embarrassed. We can also recommend you a hotel, transfer, provide a guide, an interpreter, or draw up a cultural program of staying in Kiev, the cultural capital of Ukraine with a magnificent historical heritage.

5. We accept both cash and non-cash payments, provide documents for insurance companies.

For your convenience, before you travel for treatment, we consider with you all the moments of your staying in Kiev: we agree on a preliminary treatment plan (for this you will need to send a panoramic picture to the clinic’s e-mail, see below), necessary transfer, a hotel level, number and timing of your visits to the clinic, as well as the duration of your staying.

You can also get a free consultation on treatment and staying in Kiev from our representative in Cyprus: +35795129336, Victoria

Ask questions directly to the clinic by phone or Viber: +380633800600

Upon request, you can get a full price list of our services by e-mail, as well as send your panoramic picture for a preliminary treatment plan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some of our prices for dental services:

Professional Teeth Cleaning: 45 Euro

Photopolymer filling: from 28 Euro

Restoration of a frontal tooth: from 45 Euro

Teeth whitening with Magic Smile system: from 100 Euro

Porcelain fused metal crown: from 200 Euro

Veneer: from 255 Euro

Bugel prosthesis: from 275 Euro

One Q implant: from 330 Euro

Biohorizons implant: from 700 Euro

Strauman implant: from 1000 Euro

In addition to dental services at your request, in the intervals between treatments you can get the services of our cosmetology office:

      Mesotherapy from 13 Euro

      Botox from 40 Euro

      Hyaluronidase from 34 Euro

      SMAS Ultraformer 3 lifting from 243 Euro

We will be glad to see you in our clinics! We are sure that after the visit you will recommend us to all of your friends and acquaintances!

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