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Treatment of Pulpitis

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Pulpitis is an inflammation of the neurovascular bundle (pulp) of the tooth, which occurs as a result of
untreated caries, a tooth trauma, and periodontal diseases.
One of its frequent symptoms is the pain appearing while eating hot or/and cold food, sometimes when
inhaling cold air. The pain can be short-term, i.e. it passes quickly after eliminating the irritant, and long-
term. At this stage, the patient must urgently consult a dentist in order to prevent complications, some of
which are apical periodontitis, periapical abscess, and osteomyelitis.

The diagnosis is made by the dentist on the basis of the patient’s complaints, clinical data and the results
of additional examination methods.
Pulpitis is classified as:
1. Reversible (limited inflammation of the pulp, but the pulp can be saved)
2. Irreversible (when edema inside the tooth tissue disrupts circulation, thereby causing pulp necrosis

The treatment:
With reversible pulpitis, which was diagnosed by the dentist during the visit, the pulp can be fully saved
by the careful elimination of caries and restoration of the tooth in order to prevent the ingress of germs.
Irreversible pulpitis requires an endodontic treatment in the form of a pulp removal. In this case, the root
canals are also thoroughly cleaned to exclude a new inflammation. When the pulp is removed and the
canals are cleaned, first the canals are filled, then the crown of the tooth. In the process of treating the
pulp or removing it, control x-ray images must be taken.
The level of the doctor’s professionalism, control pictures and high-quality materials used can save the
tooth for many years to come. Do not risk your health, visit us! If you undergo preventive examinations
every six months, then you may not even know what unpleasant pulpitis is.

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