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Specializations of doctors

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In dentistry, as in other fields of medicine, every dentist has one or more specializations. This specialization is based on the doctor’s basic knowledge, experience, practical treatment, legality and it is usually just what the doctor likes doing. Unfortunately, or fortunately, for one doctor to master all dental specializations one life will not be enough. And it is not necessary, because it is better to be an expert in one field than “a master in none”. So, today we have decided to introduce you to the basic specializations of dentists, so that you can better know our dental world and clearly understand which specialist to address with what problems.

The first is a dentist-therapist. This is the most common specialization of the doctor. This doctor treats your teeth for caries, pulpitis and periodontitis. His element is a filling. The doctor also specializes in tooth restorations with photopolymer materials. Often you visit namely the therapist at the first appointment. He examines the condition of the oral cavity, appoints diagnostic, makes a diagnosis, and refers you to fellow narrow specialists.

A dentist-general practitioner combines both a therapist and a hygienist and may even perform prosthetics.

A narrower specialization of a therapist is a doctor who cares for the roots of the teeth. This is an endodontist.

A dentist-hygienist is responsible for the condition of your oral cavity. Most often it is the hygienist who does professional cleaning of your teeth, teaches you proper home hygiene, helps you choose the right hygienic care products for your teeth and gums.

A dentist-orthodontist. This is a doctor who deals with the disorders of the dentition system. The bite correction, the alignment of teeth, the violation of pronunciation, chewing, and breathing due to defects of the jaws, and this is not a complete list of the sphere of an orthodontist’s care.

A dentist-surgeon. Both adults and children fear this doctor most of all. Yes, namely the surgeon most often removes patients’ teeth. But in addition to tooth extraction, surgeons work with gum surgery, work with bone tissue and put implants.

A dentist-orthopedist is a doctor of beautiful smiles. Any kind of "artificial teeth" - from veneers to dentures and artificial jaws - is a parish of an orthopedic doctor.

A dentist-periodontist cares for your gums. This doctor knows everything about "bacteria" that damage gums and knows how to fight them.

Dentists who like working with children usually have children's visits. This is probably the most difficult part of therapeutic dentistry, because you need not only know the peculiarities of treating milk teeth, but also do extra work with each little patient.

These are the main specializations of dentists that can be met in modern dental clinics. We must add that our dentists at the Vilida clinic in Obolon and Vilida clinic in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka are the best specialists in their field! We wish you good specialists and good teeth.

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