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Bruxism of teeth

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Bruxism is a phenomenon when while sleeping a person clenches their jaws or teeth, or grinds them. Most often we get to know about our bruxism either from close people who hear our gnashing teeth at night or from the dentist who says "you have an increased tooth abrasion", or we can guess about it due to the pain in the jaw in the morning.

Anyway, it is not a natural action of our body and the results can be:

  • an increased tooth erasure or abrasion;
  • a headache;
  • injuries of the jaw and teeth, even fractures of the crown of the tooth;
  • increased sensitivity of teeth.

In general, nothing pleasant. And if you suffer from bruxism all the time, you must take some measures to avoid injury or loss of teeth.

The cause of bruxism is stress according to doctors, often it is not only a dental problem. One can even say that bruxism is rather a dental consequence. It is necessary to look for the problem in other places and consult a neurologist or ENT. There is also an opinion that businesspeople are most often affected by bruxism because their intensive rhythm of life causes stress.

In very rare cases the cause of bruxism can be the structure of the jawbone or the jawbone system, so whatever the reason, the primary task is to find it out. And then, according to the reason, choose appropriate treatment methods.

During the time of searching for the cause of bruxism and treating it, it is necessary to protect the teeth from further impact of clenching and grinding. You can use special individually made guards to protect your teeth. Such guards are worn at night. And of course, it is necessary to get rid of stresses and causes of bruxism.

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