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Treatment of teeth under the microscope

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More and more clinics and dentists are beginning to use such a fairly innovative and effective tool as a dental microscope in their practice. Its use refers to the standards of treatment of caries and root canals. Why is it so effective and unique and should be a priority?

A microscope is a tool that magnifies the image several dozen times. Just imagine what opportunities a doctor may have when he or she can see more and better dozens of times? Dentists have not only become "sighted" but have also begun to effectively use such a "vision".

Using a microscope you can see:

  • A foreign body in the root of the tooth, for example, a broken tool. You can effectively remove it.
  • The structure and directions of the root of the tooth. Quite often, the roots grow almost as they wish, have branches, or are themselves very thin. Earlier, if the dentist could not get to the root of the tooth or "missed" the branch or simply did not notice another canal, this led to problems with the tooth and its loss.
  • The tooth inside. Often namely the microscope is used for diagnostic, as it is not necessary to take an X-ray again for the treatment control or diagnostic.

The microscope allows the dentist to work accurately and precisely, so its use is becoming wider and wider and going beyond the treatment of root canals.

The microscope can be used in:

-          Diagnostic of teeth for caries, tooth cracks, chips;

-          Orthopedics, when it is necessary to process the crown fairly accurately;

-          The treatment of cysts and granulomas. By the way, previously cysts and granulomas were treated surgically, but the cause of their appearance, infection, was not removed, so often the cysts returned, or the tooth had to be removed. Now, with the help of the treatment under the microscope it is possible not only to save a tooth, but also to get rid of a cyst in a rather economical way and to remove the infection, the cause of its occurrence.

So, when the doctor offers you a choice, always choose "vision" and efficiency.

Unfortunately, today the treatment of teeth under the microscope is more expensive than the usual way. But this is only at the first glance. It seems that saving a tooth is more expensive than removing it. But after the removal of the tooth, restoration of its functions is required, and this is either the installation of the implant or the orthopedic structure, which needs replacing with the time. Keep in mind that own tooth is own tooth and one should not only look after it carefully but also keep it healthy.

The Vilida Dental Clinic in Obolon is pleased to offer you the dental treatment under the microscope. We have recently purchased and are already actively using the Scaner MD 500 microscope in our practice. It has proven itself well in the dental treatment and saved many almost hopeless teeth. And yours will be saved and treated, if you contact us in time!

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