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Implant Rejection: Probability and Causes

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It's no longer a secret that a dental implantation procedure is the most effective solution for restoring lost teeth. The patient receives "new" teeth, as identical as possible with the natural ones, or even better. Chewing function and aesthetics are restored. The patient leads a full life, looks good and smiles a lot.

Almost all implantation systems claim the maximum implant survival rate for the human body, but still leave a statistical percentage of 3%.

So, what are these 3% cases? Can they be avoided and how not to get into them? Let's find out in detail:

1. Diagnostic, primary collection and analysis of information are the basis of successful treatment. No matter how experienced the doctor is, he or she is not almighty and cannot see what computed tomography of teeth will show. Without it we would not advise to continue communicating with the dentist, as it is obvious that nothing good will happen.

The second part of the consultation is collecting information about the patient's health and lifestyle. There are a number of diseases for which the implantation is contraindicated because of the high risk of the implant rejection by the body. These diseases include type 1 diabetes, some diseases of the circulatory system, bones, cancer, and thyroid disease. The patient should be aware that in such a case concealing information is not in their interest.

2. The patient smokes. Smoking is also believed to be a contraindication to the implantation. But it is also important to add that the risk of rejection is also affected by the number of cigarettes burned per day and smoker’s experience. At low doses, the risks are insignificant, but with smoking a whole pack the risk increases. The nicotine contained in the cigarettes influences the constriction of the vessels, which in turn reduces the amount of oxygen in the tissues. Due to the lack of oxygen, the implant establishes in the bone less well.

3. Violation of the implantation procedure or poor quality materials. If you combine these two factors, it's a blast. The leading and well-known implantation systems provide a lifetime guarantee on their products and the patient is supported in every country in the world. But all these privileges are available when implants are officially imported into the country and have the appropriate quality certificates. If the implants are cheap, it is not known where and how they were made, there is a high risk of not only rejection but also complications after the surgery. So, always find out information about what will be installed as well as who will do this.

4. The further success of establishing implants and using them directly depends on the patient's compliance with the doctor's recommendation. Implants are not difficult to care for, almost like for your own teeth, but poor hygiene and untimely medical examinations can accelerate and shorten the life of the implant.

So, in fact, 3% is very low when you don't get into them. So, be careful and take care of your own teeth, but if you need, come to us! We have everything for successful implantation: experience, quality and good implantologists!

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