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Removable dentures: types, care, peculiarities

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Removable dentures are special removable structures that replace all missing teeth. Removable dentures are used when it is impossible to restore the teeth with other methods of treatments such as dental implantation or other patient’s choice. Dentures are usually less expensive than implantation, but less effective to use. However, sometimes this is the only way to repair lost teeth.

Of course, with dentures a person can eat, smile and feel good, but there are disadvantages:

-          Removable dentures influence the gums because of the load and with time the level of the gum margin decreases. Therefore, we recommend changing the dentures every 3 years.

-          Partially removable dentures are worn on the healthy teeth. They can damage them.

-          Complete replacement of your own teeth is just a visual picture, because dentures need to be protected and limit the usage of certain types of food.

-          Discomfort while wearing. Poorly fixed dentures can fall out, disturb, rub, or break. But a good orthopedist and high quality prosthesis will not cause you such troubles.

Removable dentures are made of different materials. They are acrylic, non-acrylic, nylon, and bugel. When a denture replaces partially missing teeth, it is attached by means of hooks to a patient’s own teeth.

Dentures are an affordable alternative for the dental implantation. As for the type or material which are right for you, the orthopedic doctor will consult you during the visit and after examining the clinical picture.

By the way, prostheses serve you longer and are worn comfortably, if you look after them. It is not difficult and you will quickly get into the habit:

  1. After each meal, be sure to rinse it with warm water to wash away any food leftover.
  2. Brush it twice a day with a special soft brush with a special denture paste. If there is no paste, you can use a children's toothpaste, it is gentler than "adult" so it will not damage the prosthesis.
  3. It is very desirable to soak the prosthesis in a special solution to remove and prevent plaque deposit.
  4. Do not be surprised, but on removable dentures, as well as on your own teeth, plaque also accumulates and tartar develops. Therefore, twice a year they also need a professional cleaning at the dentist's.

Modern dentures are made quite individually and of high quality materials, so they are almost never felt in the mouth after getting used to them. But if the owner of such a construction wants to rest from it, the prosthesis can be left in a special solution.

But in order not to lead the situation to the choice of prosthesis or method of teeth restoration, it is better not to lose teeth and take care of them. For this visit our dentists for preventive examinations twice a year!

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