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Children's dentistry

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We should begin this section with the most common question from parents "when is it necessary to bring a child to the dentist for the first time". We answer: as soon as the first teeth begin to erupt, this is a reason to visit a children's dentist. The doctor will assess how the teeth grow and teach parents the basic rules of caring for milk teeth.

Be sure to prepare the child for the first visit, especially if the child already understands and can independently assess the "situation":

  1. Tell the child about the need to take care of the teeth and tell about dentists in a positive way. 
  2. For the visit choose the time which is comfortable for the child: when the child is calm, not hungry and does not want to sleep.
  3. It is optimal to break the first visit into several parts. First come to the clinic so that the child can look at the clinic and the doctor. Often in clinics there are children's rooms, he/she can play there for some time and then the second visit will be more familiar to him/her. During the second visit, it is preferable for the dentist to make small comfortable procedures so that the child feels the trust and the absence of unpleasant sensations.
  4. Do not pass on to your child your experience and fear of dental treatment, do not deceive him/her, saying that it may not be painful. In general, possibly do not touch this topic. An experienced dentist will deal with the young patient independently and in a playful form.
  5. Play a visit to the dentist at home with toys, so that the child understands what awaits him/her.
  6. The most important thing is a positive attitude. If you feel that the child does not want to contact with a doctor, do not be lazy and look for another doctor. Remember that the first visits will create the child’s perception of dentists and dentistry in general and it is important not to overstep the mark.

In the rating of parental questions, the second question also occupies one of the key places "Is it worth to treat the milk teeth, if they fall out anyway". Milk teeth must be treated unequivocally.

The reasons for the need to treat milk teeth are the following:

  • tooth decay can affect the rudiments of permanent teeth, and they will erupt already "sick" 
  • milk teeth also have nerves and roots, and during caries they can disturb the child too
  • to remove the teeth "affected" by caries is also not an option; they "hold" a place for permanent teeth and can be a certain indicator for them. Also "empty" places in the dentition do not contribute to the good development of the dentition.

Milk teeth are more prone to caries damage than permanent teeth, because they are more fragile and soft, carious processes develop in them much faster than in adults.

Nutrition of children and poor hygiene aggravate the processes of caries development. Today the situation with the incidence of milk teeth diseases is catastrophic.

In the Vilida dental clinics, in addition to the treatment of children's teeth, great attention is paid to the prevention of dental diseases.

So, we have the following procedures for prevention:

  1. Lessons of hygiene. Our children's dentists will teach parents and their children to properly clean and care for their teeth, pick up individual hygiene products. All this takes place in the form of a game, so that the child is not only interested, but can also repeat and happily do this at home.
  2. Children's hygiene cleaning of teeth. Children also need to have teeth cleaning every six months. It is softer than an adult’s one, because it takes into account the characteristics of milk teeth. This procedure also develops a child's habit of monitoring the health of the teeth and visiting the dentist for preventive purposes.
  3. Fissure sealing. This is coating of fissures of permanent chewing teeth with a special gel to close the most vulnerable places of the tooth, until a permanent tooth and enamel finally become stronger. The procedure is recommended at a time when permanent teeth have already erupted.
  4. Fluoridation of the teeth. The procedure is aimed at strengthening tooth enamel and is of great importance in caries prevention. Teeth suffering from fluoride deficiency become more sensitive, more prone to caries and periodontal development. The procedure is absolutely painless and consists of covering the teeth with a special solution with fluorine-containing elements.

Our prices for pediatric dentistry in the Vilida clinics in Obolon:

Services Price, UAH
Professional cleaning, oral hygiene instruction 550,00
Sealing of fissures, 1 tooth 380,00
Treatment of caries without drilling machine, ICON technology  1500,00
"Vitremer" "Twinky Star" filling, surface caries 450,00
"Vitremer" "Twinky Star" filling, medium caries 555,00
Instrumental and medical treatment, therapeutic bandage of a milk tooth 380,00
Filling canals with calcium-containing agent   250,00

Prices for pediatric dentistry services at the Vilida clinic in Petropavlovsk Borshchagovka:

Services Price, UAH
Caries treatment, “Vitremer”, "Fuji", "Dyrect" filling, surface caries     370,00
Oral hygiene lesson 110,00
Sealing of fissures, 1 tooth 260,00
Treatment of root canals of milk teeth, 1 tooth 230,00
Filling of a root canal of a milk tooth, 1 canal 160,00

 You can find a full price list of the services of the Vilida dental clinics at the reception.

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