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Aesthetic dentistry

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Aesthetic dentistry is the procedure for which there is no medical indication. They simply improve the appearance of the teeth, the smile and self-esteem and the mood of the patient.

Of course, in the arsenal of aesthetic dentistry there are all methods and tools of medical dentistry.

Aesthetic dentistry includes:

  • correction of occlusion or position of certain teeth
  • professional dental hygiene
  • teeth whitening
  • installation of veneers, inlays and crowns
  • removal of diastems (gaps between teeth)
  • art restoration of teeth.

Technically, the implementation of these procedures does not differ from medical medicine. When treating you first need to get rid of the problem, and then restore the aesthetic function.

Our prices for aesthetic dentistry in the Vilida clinics

You can see the full price list for services at the Vilida clinic at the reception.

Стоматологические клиники
Клиника на Оболони:
г. Киев, просп. Героев Сталинграда, 6, корпус 2
тел: (044) 485-06-00;
моб: (050) 495-06-00, (067) 465-06-00
Клиника на Борщаговке:
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ул. Школьная, 22Б, офис 2
моб: (073) 051-96-26, (066) 475-10-40

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