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Professional teeth cleaning

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Professional cleaning of teeth is a hygienic preventive procedure that is performed in a dental clinic by a doctor-hygienist or a therapist.

The formation of dental deposits depends on the chemical composition of a patient's saliva, as well as on water and food the patient consumes.

Depending on the type of dental deposits, as well as on the age of the patient, the physician selects the hygienic cleaning option individually.

Cleaning is performed with the use of:

  • toothbrushes, interdental brushes. This type is used in pediatric dentistry, with the purpose of prevention and adaptation, before preventive procedures, such as sealing of fissures, before filling a tooth.
  • an ultrasonic scaler. Professional cleaning of teeth by ultrasound. It is carried out with the help of a special subsonic scaler. As a result, dental plaque and calculus are removed.

It is an absolutely painless and comfortable procedure, teeth are whitened, foul breath from the mouth disappears, tooth enamel is not injured or damaged. The duration of the procedure is approximately 60 minutes.

For this procedure there are some contraindications:

  • it is not performed on milk teeth, with dental implants installed, with tooth sensitivity and with certain diseases, such as arrhythmia, HIV and asthma, as well as pregnancy.

This method is used for solid dental deposits.

Professional cleaning of teeth with the help of Air Flow. This is pressure on a tooth with the mixture of water, soda and air in finely dispersed form. It is used even if there are veneers, lumineers, crowns or implants in the mouth. It is also indicated in case of pigmented plaque. As a result of such cleaning, teeth brighten for 1-2 tones. The duration of the procedure is approximately 30 minutes.

Cleaning is absolutely comfortable and painless.


  • asthma or chronic bronchitis, hypersensitivity of teeth, intolerance to citrus smell, pregnancy and breastfeeding, this procedure is also not carried out for children.

Combined hygienic cleaning. Professional teeth cleaning with ultrasound + teeth polishing with Air Flow.

Dental deposits are the cause of most of the problems with teeth and gums. For preventive purposes, professional cleaning is recommended 2 times a year. It happens more often if a patient has insufficient personal hygiene, lifestyle peculiarities (smoking, using a lot of coloring products, such as coffee, red wine), or with indications after dental treatment, for example, after installing implants or wearing bracket systems. Children should also have professional hygiene, although the procedure for children is less severe. It has been scientifically proven that professional cleaning of teeth significantly prevents the development of diseases of the oral cavity and hinders their development. Only with the help of hygiene one can delay treating teeth for many years and forget about caries.

Professional teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is a procedure which results in lightening teeth for several tones. Whitening can be home and office, i.e. in the clinic.

Home whitening is carried out in the following way: in a clinical setting a special guard is made. The patient applies a whitening gel on it and wears it for a certain time. The procedure is always performed under the supervision of a doctor and with strict recommendations. Of course, we are talking about professional home whitening, not about people’s dubious methods. Failure to follow the doctor's recommendations or usage of other various methods of whitening can lead to hypersensitivity of the teeth and burns of mucosa.

Office or clinical teeth whitening can be of several types. The following types of whitening are applied in the Vilida dental clinic:

Whitening with Opalescence system. This is an American whitening system. A special gel affects dentin and destroys pigmentation and as a result the teeth lighten. In this system no catalysts that accelerate the effect of the gel are needed. This is a gentle method of lightening tooth enamel with minimal risks. The patented gel formula contains 20% water and this reduces mucosal burns. With this system you can lighten the teeth to 10 tones, depending on the individual indicators and sensitivity of the patient.

Whitening with Beyond Polus Advanced system.

For whitening hydrogen peroxide with chemical additives is used. Gel when exposed to a special lamp penetrates into deep layers of enamel and lightens the teeth. It is an absolutely safe procedure, the result is long and noticeable.

As in any other procedure, there are contraindications: these are diseases of the teeth and gums, gingival display, destruction of the enamel, cracks, tooth attrition, allergy to the components of the whitening gel, pregnancy, lactation, and hypersensitive teeth. Whitenng is not made in children because of not fully formed enamel.

Prices for hygiene and whitening services at the Vilida clinic in Obolon:

Services Price, UAH
Complete professional hygiene: ultrasound removal of dental calculus, tooth polishing with paste, 2 jaws 1 100,00
Complete professional hygiene: ultrasound removal of dental calculus, removal of dental deposits and pigmentation "Prophy flex", tooth polishing with paste, 2 jaws 1 470,00
Home whitening, without cap
2 700,00
Complex whitening with professional hygiene
4 500,00

Prices for hygiene and bleaching services at the Vilida clinic in Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka

Services Price, UAH
Professional Air-Flow Hygiene 960,00
Complete professional hygiene: ultrasound removal of dental calculus, tooth polishing with paste, 2 jaws 770,00
Endo whitening
Home tooth whitening, 1 jaw 2 500,00

You can find a full price list of the services of the Vilida dental clinics at the reception.

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