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Surgical stomatology

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Surgical dentistry includes the following dental procedures:

  • tooth extraction of different complexity
  • operations on the mucosa
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity
  • sinus lifting
  • dental implantation of teeth

Dental extraction is one of the popular services in surgical dentistry. Tooth extraction can be simple and atypical. Causes of tooth extraction include:

  • a severely damaged tooth, when another type of treatment is not possible
  • incorrect position of the tooth, or a non-erupted tooth which prevents the dentition from developing normally. More often it concerns wisdom teeth
  • orthodontic treatment
  • severely injured tooth when fragments or only a part of the tooth are left from it

Particular attention should be paid to the removal of wisdom teeth. Firstly, they are in a hard-to-reach place, secondly, they most often grow incorrectly and even more often they erupt already damaged or spoiled. It is worse, when they grow, leaning on neighboring teeth, i.e. the tooth has not yet erupted, but the patient is already experiencing a feeling of discomfort or pain. All these moments are easily diagnosed with X-ray images.

Before the removal of the tooth, it is important to understand the further treatment plan for restoring this area. A long absence of a tooth leads to loss of bone, which causes a longer and more expensive treatment. Correctly made treatment plan and correct diagnosis give 90% success!

If in your treatment plan, the restoration of this tooth is planned with the usage of an implant, it is important that the removal is carried out by the implantologist, with whom you plan to continue treatment. In any case in the Vilida dental clinics removal is carried out with special instruments, and methods that allow gentle removal of the tooth with minimal loss of bone tissue.

Operations on the oral mucosa.

In a dental clinic surgeons can perform operations on the oral mucosa only to remove benign formations. Such formations include papillomas, fibroids, cysts and granulomas. All operations are performed under local anesthesia and take 15-20 minutes.

Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the mouth.

Such diseases include infectious and inflammatory diseases such as pharyngitis, glossitis, stomatitis and gingivitis. All these diseases are associated with inflammatory processes of the mucosa and in particularly severe forms can cause periodontal disease and possible tooth loss. One should not worsen such conditions, the dentist will select the optimal method of treatment for the patient.

Sinus lifting

A key feature of sinus lifting is an increase in bone tissue on the upper jaw, sufficient for future implantation. Due to a number of reasons, such as age changes, anatomical features or atrophy of bone tissue, the patient’s own bone tissue is not enough for the implantation, and special artificial material is “planted” to form more bone tissue.

Before the procedure the surgeon assesses the patient's bone tissue using diagnostic methods, studies the patient's medical history, possible contraindications to the procedure and decides whether to perform sinus lifting. Sinus lifting, depending on the required amount of bone material is divided into different types: open and closed.

Our prices for surgical dentistry in the Vilida clinics in Obolon:

Services Price, UAH
Tooth extraction of the 1st category      700,00
Alveolitis treatment 500,00
Continuation of the crown part of a tooth 2 300,00
External sinus lifting, from one side 18 000,00

Prices for surgical services at the Vilida clinic in Petropavlovsk Borshchagovka:

Services Price,UAH
Removal of a milk tooth at physiological change    275,00
Removal of a single-root tooth 400,00
Stitching a well after removal 220,00
First aid 200,00
Extracting and removing operculum 280,00


You can see the full price list for the Vilida Clinic services at the reception.

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