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Orthodontic stomatology

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Orthodontic dentistry is diagnosешсі, prevention and treatment of violations of the integrity and functions of the dentoalveolar system, anomalies of occlusion or certain teeth. Methods that are used in this case are removable or non-removable special orthodontic devices.

Removable devices include:

  • guards and eligners
  • facial masks
  • lamellate devices

Non-removable devices include various types of bracket systems, which differ in the manner of attachment, the installation site and the material from which they are made, and also palate expanders.

Guards and eligners. Eligner is a removable invisible construction and looks like a transparent guard. Inside, they are transparent, flexible build-ups which are put on the teeth gradually shifting them to the desired correct position. Such a system for teeth is safe. Guards are produced according to the computer model of the jaw individually for each patient. This approach allows to analyze in detail any changes in the dentition. Guards do not harm the oral mucosa, they do not cause an allergic reaction and should be on the teeth for 20-22 hours a day.

Facial masks are used when the upper teeth are partially covered with the lower ones. This mask stimulates the growth of the upper jaw.

A palate expander is used to correct a too narrow upper jaw. It is attached to molars and due to its function, expands the jaw rather effectively. For children at the time of growth it may take 3-4 weeks to achieve the result.

Modern bracket systems are classified according to the types of fastening, the place of installation and the materials of manufacturing. And, of course, according to the price category.

According to the type of fastening there are ligating and self-ligating bracket systems. In ligating systems fastening is made with the help of special elements - ligatures from metal or elastic material. To fix the arc in self-ligating systems there are special latches or clips. To care for them is easier because of the absence of ligatures.

According to the place of attachment, the vestibular and lingual bracket systems are distinguished. Classical vestibular apparatuses are attached to the outer side of the dentition, and ligual ones - on the inner and they are almost invisible to other people. From the point of view of aesthetics, the lingual bracket system is a better choice. In any system there are some minuses. In the lingual system this minus is a defect in wearing and there may be problems with articulation. Individual Incognito systems do not have such disadvantages, because they are made individually for each patient.

Types of bracket systems based on the material of manufacturing:

Metal. These are the most common and most reliable devices. They are affordable to anyone who needs orthodontic treatment.

The ceramic bracket systems are made of dental ceramics. It is similar to the tooth enamel externally, so they are less noticeable in the mouth.

Sapphire bracket systems are considered the most beautiful as they are made of artificial sapphire, they rather look like a decoration than a medical device. Visually ceramic bracket systems also look attractive, but have a yellow tinge.

Our prices for orthopedic dentistry at the Vilida clinics in Obolon:

Sevices Price, UAH
Consultation of the orthodontist   350,00
Metal bracket system 10 500,00
Sapphire bracket system 30 000,00
Lingual braces 50 000,00
Multifunctional trainer 5 500,00
Retention thermoprotector, 1 jaw 2 650,00

 Prices for prosthetics services at the Vilida clinic in Petropavlovsk Borshchagovka:

Services Price, UAH
Consultation of the orthodontist 150,00
Metal bracket system, 1 jaw 6 000,00
Ceramic bracket system 10 500,00
Еssix aligner, 1 челюсть 2 100,00
Retention thermoprotector, 1 jaw 1 300,00

 You can see the full price list for the Vilida Clinic services at the reception.

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