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Periodontology is a treatment of gum diseases. If you have bleeding gums, you are definitely a periodontist patient. But periodontology is not limited only by the treatment of gums bleeding.

Periodontology treats the following diseases:

- Stomatitis, parodontitis, gingivitis

- teeth mobility

Signs of these diseases can include gums bleeding, bad smell from the mouth, gum inflammation, etc.

Depending on the severity of the disease and individual characteristics, the periodontist will suggest various methods of treatment. It is important to remember that the gums hold the teeth in the bone, that’s why gum diseases can lead to the tooth loss. In very severe cases, restoration of the teeth is not possible unless the gums are completely cured.

Ways to treat gums depend on diseases. For example, dental calculus and plaque are treated by hygienic cleaning of teeth by mechanical means or with the help of ultrasound.

Quite often in the treatment of gums vector therapy is used. This is a special device that cleans the periodontal pockets from bacteria that cause inflammatory processes and bleeding. In general, 1-3 procedures are needed for complete healing.

Parodontitis is a chronic disease and has periods of remission (no symptoms) and acute condition (gum bleeding appears, swelling, tooth mobility increases). The purpose of periodontal treatment is to avoid acute conditions. Therefore, follow-up and supportive therapy 1 time in 3-6 months are important.

A rather effective way to treat gum diseases is plasma-lifting procedure. Plasma-lifting is an injection of plasma taken from the patient’s blood to regenerate periodontal tissues. It is absolutely safe and useful procedure. It rejuvenates tissues, stimulates the treatment of inflammatory processes and restoration of gums injured by diseases.

Plasma-lifting is prescribed in the following cases:

• periodontitis

• alveolitis

• gingivitis

• tooth removal

• implant insertion

• peri-implantitis

• chronic inflammatory processes in the oral cavity

In general, the procedure of plasma-lifting is a rejuvenation and therefore it can be used for any injuries of the gums. But, as with any procedure, there are contraindications. With any problems of blood, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, allergies, the procedure of plasma-lifting cannot be done.

For a sustainable result, you need several plasma-lifting procedures with an interval of three months. You also need to be prepared for bruises and puffiness, but they quickly disappear. After two weeks, the results will be noticeable, the symptoms of inflammation will disappear, regeneration processes will start.

One must not ignore gum diseases. It is necessary to diagnose and treat them in time, and every six months to come for medical examinations. We are waiting for you at our periodontists.

Prices for periodontal services at the Vilida clinic:

Periodontal therapy with Vector system, 1 jaw 2 600 UAH
Plasma-lifting with generalized processes, 1 procedure 3 060 UAH
Treatment of chronic periodontitis, 1 degree of complexity, 1 tooth 400 UAH
Treatment of periodontitis in acute condition, 1 tooth 300 UAH
Usage of Perio Clip in 1 tooth 1 625 UAH
Treatment of the oral cavity during stomatitis 600 UAH


Стоматологические клиники
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Клиника на Борщаговке:
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моб: (073) 051-96-26, (066) 475-10-40

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