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Prosthetic dentistry or orthopedic dentistry is, in fact, the restoration of a destructed own tooth (or several ones) or its complete replacement. Unfortunately, it happens that even the most modern technologies and golden hands of a dentist are unable to stop the destruction of the crown part of the tooth.

Why is it necessary to repair a destructing tooth?

  1. Own tooth, even if almost destroyed, is always better than a foreign body. Therefore, if possible, save your tooth.
  2. Often there is an opportunity to save a tooth, when only the crown part of it is destroyed, and the root (the invisible part), the base of the tooth, is in an excellent condition and there is no need to touch it.
  3. Orthopedics is also used when the tooth is no longer there and an implant is inserted into its place, then a crown is placed on the visible part of the tooth.

Not always orthodontics is used when it is necessary to save the tooth and, as a consequence, a chewing function of the teeth. Often prosthetics is resorted to in terms of an aesthetic function. For example, if you want to have a Hollywood smile, but the nature has deprived you a little, a special ultrathin build-ups - veneers - will help out. But first things first.

Based on their functions, there are removable and non-removable structures.

Non-removable constructions include crowns, bridges, and ultra-thin structures, such as veneers, lumineers, and inlays.

Removable constructions include special constructions which can be removed. They can be acrylic, clasp constructions, which can be fixed in various ways.

Non-removable prostheses are used when it is necessary to save or cover one or several teeth. Sometimes in case of large volume works on implants entire jaws are made non-removable. They are fixed to 6-8 implants, depending on the situation. Removable prostheses are most often used in case of a complete absence of teeth or, when there is no possibility to install implants (for medical reasons or for limited financial possibilities of the patient).

Let's consider each kind of orthopedic constructions.

Fixed constructions. Crowns.

Crowns are designed to cover the tooth and save it for many years for the patient. Crowns themselves, in fact, have no period of use. More often they speak about the period of service. When wearing crowns, the gum around the crown becomes deformed, as dentists say, "Goes away," and the food and bacteria begin to fall under the crown, all these factors cause inflammatory processes that can go deep down to the root of the tooth. And thus, under the crown, irreversible processes begin, if one does not notice this and take measures in time, one can lose an entire tooth, even if it is covered with a crown.

Depending on the material of manufacturing, crowns can be: metal, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, from zirconium oxide, from aluminum oxide. Each of them can be used in this or that case and looks differently aesthetically. In any case you will choose which crown will suit you with the doctor orthopedist. Recently, crowns from zirconium oxide or aluminum oxide have become rather popular, because these materials do not have a metallic base and the acid-base balance of the oral cavity is not destroyed. Metal-containing crowns with time can cause inflammation in the gums. Also, crowns made of zirconium oxide or aluminum do not darken and are aesthetically better than others.

If there is a need to make prostheses for two or more teeth located side by side, usually bridge prostheses are made. These structures look like several crowns connected together. Depending on the type of fastening, there are adhesive bridges when the fixation is made on the adjacent teeth, and with the support on the implants, when implants (artificial roots) are already installed instead of the missing teeth.

Aesthetic orthopedics or microprosthetics include such constructions as inlays, veneers and lumineers.

Inlays are special constructions that restore the tooth surface like a filling, but differ from the filling in hardness, material, aesthetics (they are practically not noticeable) and are more durable than a filling.

Veneers are a special outer build-up on the tooth. With it, you can correct the cosmetic deficiency of the tooth, for example, change its shape or color, reduce the gap between teeth, hide a small crack or chipped teeth. Veneers are not used if the teeth already have fillings or the area of restoration is extensive.

Lumineers resemble veneers in their functions, but these are finer porcelain plates, which practically do not require a tooth obturation before installation. That's where the secret of the Hollywood smile lies - in lumineers. They make the teeth perfect and snow-white.

Another feature of the prosthesis is that during the orthopedic treatment in the intermediate stages, temporary crowns and structures are used.

This is necessary to ensure that your jaw and dentition are adapted to the new "inhabitants" of the oral cavity, so that the orthopedist is able to perfectly adjust the construction, which you will then wear for many years, so that the jaws and dentition are in the necessary and right position and chewing functions are not disrupted. Also, temporary structures are also needed to adapt the gums to new conditions. It is better to spend some time for the adaptation period, than to correct everything all over again.

Our prices for orthopedic dentistry in the Vilida clinic in Obolon:

Services Price, UAH
Crown, metal ceramic 6 500,00
Inlay, pressed ceramic (E.Max)    7 500,00
Crown, pressed ceramic (E.Max) 9 000,00
Veneer, pressed ceramic (E.Max) 8 560,00
Complete removable acrylic prosthesis 8 085,00
Complete removable nylon prosthesis  10 500,00
Clasp dental prosthesis 18 650,00

 Prices for prosthetics services at the Vilida clinic in Petropavlovsk Borshchagovka:

Services Price, UAH
Metal cast crown  1 200,00
Metal plastic crown  1 350,00
Metal ceramic crown on frames from Co-Cr alloy, a crown with ceramic shoulder 3 000,00
Zirconium dioxide crown 5 100,00
Clasp dental prosthesis, simple  9 000,00
Complete removable acrylic prosthesis 4 500,00
Complete removable nylon prosthesis 5 700,00

 You can see the full price list for the Vilida Clinic services at the reception.

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