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Therapeutic dentistry

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Therapeutic dentistry includes:

  • treatment of teeth affected by caries,
  • treatment of non-carious dental damages,
  • filling and treating dental canals

Treatment of teeth affected by caries is often treated very simply: clean the tooth from the affected tissue and put a filling. If the damage is too extensive and deep, the treatment can occur in several stages. First the dentist puts a temporary filling, then a permanent one. Without an early treatment caries can spread to adjacent teeth and grow into pulpitis, an inflammation of the internal tissues of the tooth.

Most often caries is caused by bacteria living in plaque and calculus. Therefore, hygiene of teeth is the first and most important step towards caries prevention.

Caries can be detected both visually when a small dark spot on the tooth can indicate caries and with the help of diagnostics - hidden caries or caries between teeth. Carious teeth can also react to food, cold/hot products, cause toothache for no particular reason and bad breath.

Treatment of teeth of non-carious enamel damages. These diseases include increased attrition of teeth, hypersensitivity, wedge-shaped defect, tooth trauma, etc. To select the right treatment, it is necessary to accurately diagnose the dentoalveolar system and identify the causes.

Filling and treating dental canals often occurs due to pulpitis - an inflammation of the tooth nerve due to deep tooth decay from caries. It is necessary to completely clean dental canals from inflamed tissues, people say, “kill the nerve”, if necessary, put the medicine into the canal to remove the inflammation and kill the remaining bacteria. The complexity of this type of treatment is in the fact that sometimes the canals are so small that it is impossible to "go inside" and remove the nerve. It happens that the canals have a peculiar shape, branches, which also complicates the work of the dentist. Poorly treated canals can cause tooth loss, because when treating the canals of the tooth, the dentist works almost blindly, because he/she cannot see the whole root.

But modern dentistry is actively developing and now there are a number of methods that allow effective treatment. This is a constant diagnostic control, and a special apparatus measuring the length of the canal (apexlocator) and the largest discovery in endodontics (tooth root treatment) is the use of a microscope. Treatment of teeth under a microscope significantly expands the possibilities of the dentist. He/she no longer works blindly, but can see 30 times stronger, rely only on own vision.

Of course, any dental treatment at the request of the patient can be done with anesthesia. With superficial or medium caries, anesthesia can be used only if the patient asks, but if there is a deep damage or pulpitis, the dentist will immediately offer you anesthesia. Before using anesthesia, it is necessary to conduct allergic tests. If you are pathologically afraid of dental treatment, or there are certain indications, you can have your teeth treated in a medicamental dream. Ask your doctor about this procedure.

Our prices for therapeutic dentistry at the Vilida clinic in Obolon:

Services Price, UAH
Injection anesthesia 200,00
Filling from photopolymer material of the 4th generation, surface caries 630,00
Restoration of the 1st category of complexity 1100,00
Treatment of a single-canal tooth 800,00
Filling of 1 root canal of the tooth (3D obturation) 1100,00
Temporary filling    100,00
Treatment with dental microscope 1600,00

 Our prices for therapeutic dentistry at the Vilida clinic in Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka:

Services Price, UAH
Light-hardening composite "Gradia" "Filtek", surface caries 420,00
Photopolymer filling, surface caries, with Vitremer, Fuji, Dyrect material 370,00
Strengthening a tooth with a fiberglass post for restoration 370,00
Restoration of cutting surface or restoration of canine guidance 420,00
Unfilling of one root canal of a tooth 380,00
Mechanical and medical treatment of the root canal of a tooth   285,00
"Foredent" filling of a root canal  210,00

 You can find a full price list of the services of the Vilida dental clinics at the reception.

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