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tel: (044) 485-06-00;
mobile tel: (050) 495-06-00, (067) 465-06-00

Petropavlivska Borshchagivka,
Shkilna street, 22B, office 2
mobile tel: (073) 051-96-26, (066) 475-10-40

Bondarenko Olga Yuryevna

Specialization: dentist-therapeutist, dentist-endodontist
Experience (years): 10
Clinic: Obolon
  • DonNMU after M. Gorky in 2008
  • completed an internship in the field of general dentistry.  

Courses / Certificates:
  • November 2009 "Quality print is the key to success in prosthetics. Importance of manufacturing temporary constructions. Fixation as the final stage. " Lecturer: Pyatalev A.A.
  • 2010 "Qualitative endodontics, and what's next? Adhesive techniques for restoring the tooth stump, provisional constructions are the key to the success of further orthopedic treatment. "Lecturer: Koval A.V.
  • June 2010 "In recognition of their commitment to continuing education for better dentistry" Lecturer: Ladygina Larisa
  • 2011 "Features and benefits of rotary NiTi Mtwo instruments, root canal processing. Three-dimensional filling of root canals with thermoplastic gutta-percha using BeeFill and BeeFill Pack. Use of ultrasound in endodontics.
  • October 2011 "G-Tnial Restorative Composite Material and G-bond Adhesive System. Reinforcement of the tooth stump using fiberglass posts: Fuji Cem, Fuji Plus and self-adhesive composite fixing cement G-CEM Automix. Lecturer: Chepin
  • April 2012 «Endodontics according to the rules 2. Forming» Lecturer: Maxim Belograd
  • 2012 "Preparations of the Septodont company and endoinstruments of the Micro Mega company". Lecturer: Maxiutenko S.I.
  • 2012. "Non-surgical periodontics. The tactics of treating patients with periodontal disease» Lecturer: Volinskaya Tamara
  • 2015. Feasibility of applying and technique of using post systems during the restoration of different groups of teeth» Lecturer: Bublay О.P.
  • October 2015 "Clinical application and scientific principles of "The Vector Method" Lecturer: Frank Zimmerman
  • April 2016 "Generalized periodontitis: from prognosis to tissue regeneration"
  • May 2016 "Problems of secondary endodontics" Lecturer: Igor Noenko
  • October 2016 "Total implantation and load. Live operation". Lecturer: Vladimir Sobolevsky
  • November 2016 "Emergency treatment. Dentistry» Lecturer: Shvets Т.V.
  • July 2017 "Repeated endodontics with a microscope" Igor Noenko  

About the doctor:

A dentist with 10 years of experience in a narrow direction of endodontics. She knows all modern, clinically successful methods and materials. This modern approach allows us to carry out many successful tooth-saving complex treatments.  

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Bondarenko Olga Yuryevna
Стоматологические клиники
Клиника на Оболони:
г. Киев, просп. Героев Сталинграда, 6, корпус 2
тел: (044) 485-06-00;
моб: (050) 495-06-00, (067) 465-06-00
Клиника на Борщаговке:
с. Петропавловская Борщаговка,
ул. Школьная, 22Б, офис 2
моб: (073) 051-96-26, (066) 475-10-40

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